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location: Jesenice, Slovenia
area: 2.980 m2
client: Ministry of Public Administration
type: office
status: completed
year of construction: 2012


Jesenice Administrative Centre is part of the Ministry of Public Administration project which aims to combine all state administrative functions (administrative unit, tax administration, surveying and mapping authority, inspectors and examination centre) in a single building. The Centre is situated at a central location of Jesenice, next to the municipality building, directly addressing a large roundabout with a steel worker memorial at its centre. All offices are organized around an interior atrium with connecting bridges and natural illumination, the attractive shape and friendly atrium illumination works to remove a stigma too often associated with state offices. Atrium connects all the state functions into a single system, thus the visitor can perceive the state as a single function. The outer skin of the building establishes a dialogue with the steel-manufacturing industrial tradition of Jesenice. Even today, many of the houses in town are red - rusty, and the facade of the administrative centre is rusty indeed due to its Corten skin. A pulsing rhythm of facade openings creates a horizontal dynamics, establishing a dialogue with dynamics of the traffic. Natural light, natural ventilation, spontaneous transition of spaces are elements that create optimal working conditions for employees as well. By using efficient Corten panel shades, use of quality window systems and good thermal insulation we created a inert energy system which will ensure very low running costs. Facade system filters the aggressive contrast light into a softer diffuse light, thus encouraging use of natural light throughout the day. Building remains open into the environment while at the same time unobtrusively filtering everything that affects the wellbeing of its users. In its functioning, it puts users first: a satisfied user will be the best proof that including user comfort and providing a healthy working environment into a sustainable investment behaviour is worth it.

ArhiOf Award, second prize for best office architecture, 2017
Published in: World Architecture: Office Building (2013), Wall Art 1 (2013), Presjek (2012), Global Architecture Studio, (2012), Office Architecture, (2012), Building Skin (2012), AB Arhitektov bilten (2019).


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