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location: Piran
area: 20.000 m2
type: masterplan
status: concept
year of competition: 2010


Currently a large parking area for residents and visitors of Slovene seaside town Piran, the site is characterized by its elongated shape and narrow northern and southern mouths. At its widest, it measures 60 meters. The existing buildings on its northern edge form a nice arc shape, but have no protection from the summer sun. To counter that and ensure an optimal urban effect, the concept introduces two promenades: a shady and a sunny one. Shady promenade, a double line of plane trees, also comprises car and bicycle access. It provides a pleasant urban ambient next to the existing buildings in the summer, at the same time it diverts all traffic away from the seaside. In winter, softer sunlight can warm the buildings behind through leafless trees. Sunny promenade changes its function according to season: in the summer, its forms the axis of beach activities, in the winter, most of the pedestrian traffic diverts here. The area between the promenades is conceived as a dynamic series of slanted grass-covered triangular fields, connected by a grid of paths. In the summer, most of them serve as public beach, in winter as a public park. A large playground is arranged in the northern part. Along the shore, a series of wooden piers are connected by a gravel beach for comfortable sea access, leading to a small local port in the southern part of the site. The gaps in existing row of buildings are filled with a small three volume hotel in the north and a mixed use building in the south. In the middle, a new square serves as access to the park house in the back. The northern edge of the site comprises a park, a residents parking area and a marine research and education centre.


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